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Distance MBA vs Online MBA vs Regular MBA - Which is Better?

In India, a Master's degree holds the highest regard in many households. There are many reasons for it, but the most popular one being the education is highly reliable and gives you an added advantage while looking for jobs or starting a business. MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a top-rated and versatile program; not only does it offer growth and stability, but it also brings you a good income and a reputed role in any organization. These are the reasons why MBA is taught in several modes like a traditional degree, an online degree and a distance course. Making the course accessible has attracted many students and professionals alike to join the course and enhance their skill sets. Likewise, here, at Bharathidasan University (BDU), there are all the different modes of MBA programs. BDU is a reputed university that aims to educate and mould its students to become great visionaries of creating a brave new world. From the plethora of options, which one should a student choose? Let us discuss in detail – 

A Traditional MBA – The conventional method of MBA requires students to attend the classes at the campus and expand their opportunities by becoming a part of multiple clubs, associations and events. People believe that a traditional on-campus course holds more value than an online course or a distance one. This statement is a far cry from the truth as the quality of education at BU is not compromised in any way, regardless of the mode.

An Online MBA – For the online course, students are required to attend classes online through the internet instead of the traditional classroom setting. Instead of the physical interactions, you can take part in interactions, events and meetings virtually. The online mode gives the students an opportunity to devise their own schedule as per their own accord and manage an online MBA degree along with a job. This, hence, allows you to work or enrol in other courses to expand your horizons. In today's world, this is one of the most effective modes of acquiring a degree.

A Distance MBA – Distance learning is a widely known course amongst working professionals who are looking to expand their scopes and enhance their skill sets. In this course, students are provided with the study material in the form of videos and books which they can study as per their own accord. However, there is little to no interaction with teachers in a distance program, leaving the students to their own devices.

Each course is designed to suit the preferences and lifestyles of all types of students. If you are a working professional and would like to pursue an MBA course, you can opt for an Online MBA program from Bharthidasan University. You can opt for a traditional course if you are willing to relocate or attend the college regularly but pursuing an Online MBA program will help you manage your time professionally as well as personally.

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