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Does an Online MBA Really Boost One?s CV and Career?

The short answer. Yes! An online MBA from a reputed University does boost your CV and career. For the long answer, read on.

Online MBA: An Overview

Offered through the fully online mode, online MBA degrees from highly-ranked universities are affordable, flexible and effective ways to accelerate your career. You do not have to relocate or commute to university every day or find accommodation in another city/ town. The university, the lecture hall, library and all its learning infrastructure are all available on an internet-connected device.

Typically, online MBA degrees do not have entrance exams and welcome experienced professionals and fresh graduates with open arms. They offer ample flexibility and freedom to make a schedule that works for you, without hampering your work or personal responsibilities. So, working professionals can continue to earn while taking up an online MBA.

You would be spending a fraction of what you would spend on a regular MBA. The fee is affordable. Plus, there’s no commute, relocation and accommodation bills piling up. Since you get to keep your job, the opportunity cost of doing an online MBA is much lower.

How Do Online MBA Degrees Boost Your CV and Career?

Comprehensive, industry-oriented and latest knowledge

The best online MBA offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to meet the current requirements of the industry. They are regularly updated to reflect the evolving requirements of the industry. They offer latest insights, best practices and emerging trends to prepare you for today and the future. In addition, the online MBA programme at BDU nurtures lifelong learners who are constantly looking to expand their horizons and keep themselves relevant.

Technologically advanced pedagogy for effective, hands-on learning

Online MBA programmes from top-notch universities like BDU steer away from rote learning. The focus is to ensure that learning is effective and practically applicable. The faculty used advanced pedagogy to ensure the same in the live and interactive lectures. Further, the world-class LMS used by BDU offers gamification, simulations, visual aids, project work, practice tests, personalized recommendations and other high-quality learning resources for hands-on, immersive learning. So, you are equipped to develop path-breaking strategies, solve pressing problems and be a valuable resource to your organization.

Augmenting Your Skillset

Online MBA programmes empower learners with a diverse range of skills which looks great on the resume, making them stand apart and shine in a rather cluttered and crowded jobs market. Even if you are not looking to switch companies or careers, these skills give you an edge within your company. It is easier to show how valuable you are and ask for challenging tasks, promotions and higher salaries.

Skills that an online MBA from BDU provides you to thrive in the complex, globalizing business world:

  • Core skills in
    • Business
    • Management
    • Electives of your choice
    • Influencing and negotiation
  • Leadership skills that enable you to be a trailblazer rather than follow someone’s coattail.
  • Entrepreneurial competence that makes you resourceful, creative and adept at problem-solving. It is necessary even if you do not want to build a business/ startup.
  • Highly-prized transferable skills
    • Decision-making
    • Analytical thinking
    • Critical analysis
    • Problem-solving
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Agile mindset
    • Effective communication
    • People skills, teamwork and so much more.

Global Outlook

Given the criticality of networking for working professionals, online MBAs are especially useful. The cohort is typically diverse and come from all corners of the world since the MBA is offered online. So, you get to build global networks, aside from the ample networking opportunities with members of the industry.

The Bottomline

Online MBA degrees from Bharathidasan University (BDU), well-reputed, accredited and highly-ranked university, are highly valued by employers and why not!  It indicates your career readiness, upgraded knowledge, management and business skills, leadership abilities and a range of other skills that matter. If you are feeling stagnated at work or aren’t getting promotions or simply want to future-proof your career, online MBAs from BDU are the way to go.

Become relevant in your career and gain more challenging roles with higher rewards, enroll to BDU’s online MBA programme now! 

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