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Five different types of MBA programs to choose from in 2021

Are you one of those who are looking to up their game in their careers? And an MBA degree will help you achieve that goal? But you are confounded by the choices available. Choosing the right MBA program depends on your present profile, interests, and the amount of time and effort you're willing to invest in getting that degree.

Types of MBA - 

  • 1-Year Full Time MBA Program
  • 2-Year Full Time MBA Program
  • Executive MBA Program
  • Part-Time MBA Program
  • Online MBA Program

Choosing one of the above can be overwhelming, but only on the surface. We will guide you to every type of MBA program out there and help you decide which program is best for you.

Before jumping onto the specifics, we would like to remind you that MBA has many specializations; choosing out of those depends on your job profile and future interests.

1) The two-year MBA - 

The two-year program is spread across four semesters. In the first year, you'll complete basic course requirements. And in the second year, you'll be able to dig deeper into the specialization of your choice. This program is apt for professionals with two-three years of work experience. The program is extensive, with an internship in the final lap of the course structure to provide you with the right industry experience. The program also requires the most commitment in terms of time and effort. As a full-time student, you get access to other services the university provides, like professional clubs, public speaking classes, career fairs, job placements etc.


2) The one-year MBA - 

The one-year program, split into two semesters, can also go up to three full semesters. These MBAs have strict requirements for admission as the student should grasp everything in a limited time frame. This course can be a little intense. And is best suited for experienced professionals who are sure of what they want to do and have a time constraint to complete the degree. The main goal to do the one-year program MBA is to get that degree! 

3) The Executive MBA -

To get an Executive MBA, one can complete it in two years or less, depends on the university. The classes take place during weekends. This particular type of MBA program is opted by professionals taking the next best step towards their career in leadership. The program curriculum focuses on several major business disciplines – leadership, strategy, communication, and management skills. With a focus on leadership training for executives, the program provides you with solid management skills to help you achieve that goal. Many companies also offer to sponsor your education if you chose an executive MBA program, so check with your employer.


4) The Part-Time MBA -

The Part-time MBA offers flexibility and balance one might be looking for based on their current scenario. The professional aiming to not put a hold on their current job and still get a degree should opt for this type. The program helps you get the best of both worlds. Your daily routine lets you build the course schedule, making it a self-paced program. With this feature, most professionals complete this MBA in four-five years at their own pace and time. 


5) The Online MBA -

The Online MBA is one of the most popular programs in the current times. With maximum professionals utilizing this work-from-home scenario and staying home status. The program offers flexible options like self-paced it as well as make it intense. Many universities worldwide provide this program, and professionals opt to gain access to global learning and connections by sitting in another part of the world. With various course formats, including recorded lectures, virtual classrooms, online-MBA programs provide a combination that is flexible and suits both your personal and professional life. Bharathidasan University provides you with the perfect program that enables professionals and students to accelerate career. To know more about the online MBA program click: https://www.bduedu.in/

There are various types of MBAs, and you are spoilt for choices, but the key is to reflect on what you want to gain and which path will lead to your personal and professional goals. 

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