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Learn While You Earn With Technology-Led Online Degrees

Been feeling bored at work lately? Feel like your work is getting routine, that it is not challenging enough? Not getting promotions or salary hikes? These classic signs of career stagnation. To prevent/ overcome career stagnation, you need to upgrade your knowledge and upskill yourself. And what better way than pursuing higher education?

We understand working professionals feel hesitant to take on higher education owing to a number of reasons. Read on as we help you unpack the myths and unearth reality.


You may be thinking

Taking up higher education to upskill myself would mean quitting the job or taking a couple of years to pursue higher education. While taking on such a course would mean better job opportunities and more lucrative options, it also means there’s no salary for 1-2 years.

Then, moving to another town/ city/ state/ country to take up a top-notch degree programme may be required, bringing in relocation, accommodation and living expenses. Even if I don’t move to another place for higher education, you will have conveyance charges. Overall, no salary – rising expenses and a big fee for the course. Right?

Well… that is not quite right!


Technology-led online degree programmes from world-class universities like Bharathidasan University (BDU) enable you to improve your career prospects while continuing to work and fulfill all your professional commitments. Higher education is brought to wherever you are across the globe through the power of the internet and technology.

The Benefits of Technology-Led Online Degrees

Your lecture hall, library, seminar, tutorial and everything else is available on your internet-connected device. A wide range of quality learning resources are at your disposal when you enroll to tech-led online degrees at BDU.

From simulations and gamification to bite-size modules and personalized recommendations, the online programmes from BDU leverage cutting-edge technology to make learning immersive, interactive, personalized and effective. They help ensure that all theoretical learning is practically applicable in real-life situations.

You simply need to make a schedule around your diverse work and personal commitments, login from your device and start learning. You can self-pace learning to ensure it is effective. You have access to experienced faculty and a diverse student community to broaden your outlook. You have ample networking and career development opportunities.

The fee is only a fraction of the overall cost on regular degrees. The opportunity cost is low since you do not have to miss work. And you are making yourself relevant and preparing for career growth. Online degree programmes from top-notch universities give you the best ROI.

The Way Forward

Career stagnation is preventable when you have the right skills and latest knowledge. Online tech-led higher education is the best way to upskill yourself and upgrade your knowledge while continuing to work and earn. However, you must make sure you choose a reputed, UGC-recognized University with proper accreditations and recognition. Else, the course is not valid and will not yield the desired benefits.

Learn while you earn and fast-track career growth with online degree programmes from Bharathidasan University.

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