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Making Online Higher Education Work for You: The BDU Edge

In this digital era along with pandemic threat, online education gained popularity on a massive scale (despite being around for aeons now). Online higher education breaks education out of the confines of geography and physical University campuses to bring career-changing and life-changing opportunities to wherever in the world learners are. The lecture hall, the library, lab, tutorials, discussions and so on are available anytime, anywhere on internet-connected computers.

But is online higher education even effective? Yes. Yes. Yes! Of course, you need to choose a world-class online degree from an exceptional university like Bharathidasan University (BDU).  

Here is how BDU makes online higher education work for you

Flexibility and self-paced learning

BDU offers bachelor’s and master’s programmes through the fully online mode. This means you could be anywhere in the world and still pursue a world-class programme from a renowned modern university like BDU from your current location.

You are in full control of your learning environment, your schedule and the pace of your learning. You aren’t bound or rushed by the speed of other learners unlike regular degree programmes. This is perfect for working professionals who can continue to earn while learning. There’s no need to put your career on hold to pursue higher education and vice-versa.

Upgraded, industry-focused curriculum

All online degrees at BDU are designed by academicians and industry-experts to cater to the emerging needs of the industry and the latest skill requirements. The programmes hone the right skillsets in the core subjects as well as transferable skills that are preferred by hiring managers. Whether you want to get into more challenging roles or switch to a more lucrative career path, online degree programmes from BDU are perfect for you.

Effective online, application-oriented teaching methods

One of the key goals of all online degree programmes at BDU is to ensure that theoretical learnings are practically applicable, that the learners go back with skills that will make an immediate impact on their career.

The faculty at Bharathidasan University Online are highly experienced and have strong expertise in the domain. They keep updating themselves on the latest trends, best practices and insights, disseminating them to the learners through the live and interactive lectures. They draw from the research, knowledge base and experience to help learners have better grasp of theoretical concepts while enabling them to gain skills that matter.

The faculty use the cutting-edge LMS and proven online pedagogy including simulations, case studies and projects to make learning hands-on and immersive. They facilitate meaningful discussions and debates to help broaden perspectives.

World-class Online Learning Resources

While live and interactive lectures are one part of online degree programmes, what really makes a difference is the self-study component. Unlike regular programmes where you have a set of readings and references to build your knowledge base, the online degree programmes offer a diverse set of high-quality learning resources to ensure learning is effective and application-oriented, that theory meets praxis.

  • Recorded tutorial videos
  • Gamified modules
  • Interactive videos for personalized learning at a subject-level.  
  • Supplementary articles and reference videos
  • Chapter-wise Study Guide
  • E-book
  • Insightful Discussion Forums
  • Lab environment
  • Practice tests

Career development opportunities 

The online higher education courses at BDU help you in career growth and development through strong theoretical knowledge and skills that matter. But that is not it! There are ample opportunities for mentoring and networking. You also get access to career development tools. Plus, with the diverse student community from across the globe, you will have opportunities to broaden your knowledge horizons and build global networks.

The Bottomline

 BDU empowers you to gain an edge in the competitive world of work, carving a niche for yourself in your domain. Choose BDU online degree programmes to be at the forefront of an in-demand workforce.  

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