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Rewarding Careers Paths after an Online MA in Political Science

Think an online MA in Political Science is only good if you are considering a career in civil services or teaching? Or, do you think you could only become a politician after this? Think again!

An online MA in Political Science from a reputed university like Bharathidasan University (BDU) opens up a wide range of career paths in not just the public sector and governmental institutions but in non-governmental organizations, private sector, non-profits, international organizations, consultancies and independent research agencies.

Rewarding Career Paths after Online MA in Political Science

Political Analyst

Political analysts conduct research into the evolution of political systems and their impact on society. They research and critically analyze governments policies, political trends, foreign policies and specific causes – immigration, climate change, healthcare, national security, etc. They propose new or modified policies to bring social, economic and political change. They are in high demand in government agencies, political organizations, lobbying firms, international organizations and so on.

Political Advisor/ Political Campaign Manager

Thanks to Political Advisors and Political Campaign Managers! The way elections are conducted and won have undergone a sea of transformation globally. Through in-depth research and data-enabled strategic planning, these professionals help develop, coordinate and manage political and electoral campaigns. This is a fast-growing career path.

Intelligence Analyst positions

Through the analysis of field data, internal and external statistics, databases and other information, Intelligence Analysts help in proactively identifying and mitigating threats. Their role is critical in national and international security and international relations. They find lucrative career opportunities in government, intelligence, defense and IT agencies.

Policy Analysts

Policy analysts review and critically analyze policies and legislations, and their impact on the country, society, economy, environment and so on. They influence public policy through their reports, arguments, studies and research.


Those with an MA in Political Science can pursue a journalism career. They specialize in writing opinion pieces, research studies, political news coverage and much more for newspapers, magazines, online publications and so on.

Online MA in Political Science from BDU: Your Best Way Forward

Online MA Political Science degrees from BDU offer an understanding of Modern Governments, Political Systems, Political Thought and Philosophy, International Relations, Administrative Processes and the Constitution in the Indian and international contexts.

They delve into the following:

  • How governments operate at the local, state, national and international levels?
  • How different political processes and systems emerged in the Indian and Western context?
  • Critical analysis of political processes and systems, as well as, their impact on modern society, culture and life.
  • A deep dive into contemporary political debates, latest political developments and evolving trends in the space.

The programme equips learners with skills necessary to apply the theoretical foundation in addressing complex, real-life challenges. It trains learners to effectively articulate their thoughts, as well as, build empirical theories that promote sound governance, policies and political leadership. The best part – you can take the programme from wherever you are with full control of your learning environment and schedule.

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