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Top 6 Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Thrive in the Digital Era & How to Acquire Them?

Digital transformation was already here and disrupting the business world way before the Covid-19 crisis. The global pandemic has amplified the uncertainties and volatilities facing businesses, necessitating immediate and effective action. Quoting Satya Nadella, ‘we saw 2 years’ worth of digital transformation over 2 months’. Even as the end of the pandemic seems nowhere in sight, entrepreneurs need to understand that these aren’t the only mega disruptions or Black Swan events that we will face. To build and sustain enterprises in the digital era with all the volatilities and ambiguities, entrepreneurs need to upskill themselves, no matter how experienced they are.

Top 6 Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Thrive in the Digital Era

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is the ability to deconstruct complex problems to their core to unearth opportunities for growth and strategically planning for the future. This skill includes:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills
  • Planning and management skills

Strategic thinking enables entrepreneurs to find creative solutions to complex problems within budgets and impossible timelines. This skill helps entrepreneurs to make path-breaking strategies and develop strategic advantages in the VUCA world.  

Agility & Flexibility

Being agile and flexible helps entrepreneurs to be prepared for the unexpected and overcome all and any crisis. It enables them to make quick decisions, pivot and innovate in the face of relentless transformation and uncertainties. Agile and flexible entrepreneurs are invested in continual learning and improvement, a pre-requisite for success in an ever-changing world.


There is so much clutter and noise in the market in the digital era. The only way to thrive is through building a unique and consistent brand that is tailored for the right audience. Entrepreneurs who understand branding and brand management are better equipped to build brands that resonate with the target audience.

Strong Communication & Social Skills

The digital era may usher technology to ease manual burden. But what sets businesses and entrepreneurs apart is how they keep the human element intact. That is why social skills are necessary.  In particular, the ability to articulate thoughts in a crisp and effective manner to customers, employees, peers and other stakeholders is of paramount importance.

Data-Driven Mindset

Data has everything you need to build and grow a successful business/ startup from resource optimization and supply chain management to customer experiences and market analysis. Entrepreneurs who leverage data for decision-making and strategizing will always have an edge in the digital era.

Digital Literacy

There is no two ways about this – we live in the digital era and the future of work is touted to be a hybrid one. So, entrepreneurs need to have basic digital literacy. They need to be comfortable with technology and virtual collaboration to thrive now and in the future.

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