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Want to pursue a career in Economics?

Enroll for online MA Economics program at Bharathidasan University 

Economics is one of the primary disciplines compiling business study, management, and public policy. Pursuing M.A in Economics does not only provide a mere post-graduation degree. It helps you acquire mathematical, statistical, and effective ways of thinking that you can apply to take major business and finance-related decisions. With an option to pursue it through the online mode, you can upskill yourself while still being employed.

How can an online M.A Economics degree help you earn competence?

The online Economics program helps the enthusiast learners honing the necessary skills required for evaluating economic aspects. Economic concepts would be beneficial for you to understand the logic of complicated data and evaluate how things relate to each other in the broader context.

Besides, you can also gain communication skills to present complex ideas in a well-defined framework with evidence. It immensely helps you to have a better understanding of Indian as well as international economic practices, policies, systems and models in the dynamic business world.

Why should you choose an online Economic M.A course at Bharathidasan University?

  • Tailor-made course design- The BDU online Economics course design experts have designed the program keeping in mind the current economic development as well as the career prospects of the students. The course puts special focus on the topics which help you accelerate your career.


  • Flexibility for the working professionals- If you want to continue both your profession and higher education simultaneously, then BDU is the ultimate education institution. Nowadays, most learners pursue an online course due to their professional commitment. You can avail your course materials and go through the video tutorials at your convenient time.


  • Experienced and highly qualified Economics instructors- Enrolling yourself in the online program in BDU, lets you connect with world-class Economics teachers. You will get course materials designed by highly qualified economists. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to attend online classes coordinated by experienced tutors.  


Things to keep in mind about online Economics Course in BDU –

  • Eligibility: B.A in Economics or Econometrics.
  • Duration: It is a minimum 2 years course and while maximum one can continue the course for 4 years.
  • Program Structure:

Program structure of the 1st year highlights the following topics-

  • Micro Economic Analysis
  • Macro and Monetary Economics
  • Mathematical and Statistical Methods
  • Fiscal Economics
  • Indian Economic Development and Policy

         The second-year focuses on the other discussions like the following-

  • Environmental Economics
  • International Economics
  • Research Methodology
  • Managerial Economics
  • Industrial Economics

Career prospects and Job Opportunities for Economics Post Graduates-

Due to the rapidly growing global economic scenario, a postgraduate degree in Economics helps you establish a bright career and secure jobs in both India and the International job market. The skills you master from the M.A Economics course from Bharathidasan University are applicable across divergent fields from finance, health insurance, banks, accountancy firms to consultancies that advise the government on methodical strategies to deal with the debt crisis.

Various in-demand job roles for Economic Postgraduates-

  • Economist
  • Financial risk analyst
  • Accountant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Financial consultant
  • Data Analyst

Besides Economics, Bharathidasan University offers several other online courses to help the students scale up their professional skills and boost their careers. To know more about the online M.A Economics and other online course details, visit the website now.

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